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The Design Process

The seed of each of Greengate’s patterns and designs comes from a unique archive of thousands of antique, hand painted designs from 19th Century France. Each collection begins with Mona and Jesper going through the books, carefully choosing the very best designs that fit the trends of the coming season. The designs are developed, modified and given new colour ways to reflect the Nordic background of Greengate’s founders and designers.


We believe the simple, everyday moments in life can be the most memorable and cherished

With less time in a complex world, we aim to help “slow down time” - enriching and giving more meaning to each of these small moments shared. Each of our products is based on this philosophy, and how we make them is by taking this philosophy to heart. As Mona says: “You can’t make something that inspires love and sharing, unless it has been made with love and sharing in the first place”.

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